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Updated: May 25, 2021

During my last semester at Loyola Marymount University, I made a short film titled The Virgin Maggi. Directing this film was a huge learning experience both as a director and a producer. In the beginning of the semester I worked with the oh so talented writing team, Hannah McMechan and Danya Jimenez, to create a female-led story that would make people laugh (hopefully).

All in all, making this film taught me the importance and value in building a team you can count on when sh*t hits the fan. The truth is - when it comes to filmmaking - something will always go wrong. And as a (young) director, especially, it's easy to want to panic when it does. However, being able to look around at your team and know they have your back can ease the panic and help you focus on the 1,000,000 other things that need to be done before you hit your 12 hour day. A huge thank-you to my writers (already mentioned), my amazing DP Adam Linssen, my 1st AD Elizabeth Archer, & all of my amazing actors that were so willing to have fun in telling this story with me. Lastly, a HUGE shoutout to my editors Clara Hill and Kashi Hall, and sound mixer/editor Ryan Pawlak.

Writers Hannah McMechan & Danya Jimenez on set lookin' fresh and flirty (per usual).

Just a DP surrounded by lingerie. Nothing new here.

the same... ...but different?

As of now...

The Virgin Maggi is still in post production and remains password protected on Vimeo. However, if you'd like to see our work in progress, feel free to email me and I can show you some of the magic we made in Oakhurst, CA. Cheers to awkward high school hookups, teenage pregnancy, and strong female leads. As for now, enjoy some behind the scenes photos taken by our wonderful on set photographer, Tim Vassallo. Lastly, the making of this film could not have been possible without the support of the McMechan family who so graciously hosted us during our time in Oakhurst.

(click through to see more behind the scenes photos above.)

Stay up to date with The Virgin Maggi by liking the Facebook page, and checking out the IMDb page. Thanks for the support!



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